Electrical Safety Testing for Medical Equipment

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[elementor-template id=”1930″] What is electrical safety testing for medical equipment? Not all “test and tag” services are created equal. Electrical safety testing for medical equipment includes testing that addresses specific risks associated with medical devices. These risks are directly related to the transfer of electrical energy directly through the equipment’s applied parts, or indirectly through […]

Patient Treatment Areas

Tasmania-wide Certification and annual recertification of Patient Treatment Areas

What is classified as a Patient Treatment Area? A Patient Treatment Area is any space where electrical equipment is used to evaluate, treat, or monitor a patient. Specifically, it is an area within a medical facility such as an operating theatre, or any room used for recovery, exams, minor procedures, intensive care, or coronary care. […]

Medical Equipment Testing & Maintenance Guide

Biomedics Repair Medical Equipment Tasmania-wide

Regular testing and ongoing maintenance of your medical equipment is essential for ensuring patient safety, better performance and reduced downtime, resulting in greater productivity and cost savings. This guide breaks down the key elements that should be considered and understood by anyone who uses medical equipment. What are performance verifications on medical equipment? Performance verification […]