Medical equipment repair services Tasmania

Repair services on medical equipment.

Biomedics repairs and services all medical equipment. We come to you, saving you time and hassle and letting you get back to business.

Get your medical equipment repaired by our expert team of technicians.

At Biomedics we provide repair services on medical equipment typically used at (but not limited to):

  • Hospitals
  • Day Surgeries
  • Doctor’s Surgeries
  • Clinics
  • Nursing Homes

Our high quality, dependable services are:


Our services give you the peace of mind that your equipment is performing within the manufacturer’s specifications.


Equipment downtime can greatly undermine your ability to care for your patients. We have a fast response time and you can contact us anytime.


We take a high level of care with your equipment and provide prompt reports & post service documentation.

Ensure your medical equipment is serviced to Australian Medical Standards AS/NZS 3551 and manufacturers’ specifications.

How our medical equipment repair service works:

1. Contact

Get in touch with our expert team to start the conversation.

2. Discuss

We’ll discuss your equipment, what needs to be done and set out a timeline.

3. Book

Book in your service for a time that works for you.

4. Peace of mind

Have the piece of mind that your equipment meets its required safety specifications.

Let us take the headaches out of maintaining your medical equipment.

Medical Equipment Repairs FAQs

Any medical facility is likely to have an unexpected equipment failure at some point. Repairs can generally be done on any equipment that is still supported by the manufacturer. Repairing equipment is sometimes called “reactive maintenance” – it’s what happens when you run equipment until the point of failure.

If the failure is not catastrophic, it may only require the repair or replacement of a single component to bring it back into working condition. A catastrophic failure may be something that results in all the components being affected, such as storm or fire damage. In those circumstances, it is not advisable to repair the equipment as the risk to patient safety is too great.

Luckily, catastrophic failures are rare, and in many cases, you’ll be able to rely on insurance to help cover those costs. If you encounter any unexpected equipment failure that doesn’t quite fall into the catastrophic category, contact us to evaluate it. We can source parts and perform on-site repairs to get your equipment working properly again.

Equipment repairs may fall into one or more of these categories:

  • Internal circuit board replacements (DC-power repairs)
  • External mains power/power-supply repairs (AC-power repairs)
  • User interface repairs (LCD screens, touch screens, control boards)
  • Applicator repairs (handpieces, surgical instruments, etc.)
  • Cosmetic repairs (such as damaged plastic housings)

Biomedics can repair many types of equipment, relying on our connections with manufacturers to provide you with the right replacement parts and repairs performed to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Contact us to find a solution if you’re looking for assistance to repair a device.

Most replacement parts come from the manufacturer with a 1 to 3-year factory warranty. With the proper routine preventive maintenance, you should expect the repairs to last the lifetime of your equipment.

For cosmetic repairs and other types of repairs where new parts aren’t necessary to complete the job, it’s more difficult to predict how long such repairs will last. Again, the best bet is to perform routine preventive maintenance to ensure you get the best lifespan out of your equipment.

The near-term benefit of repairing your equipment is that your organisation will save money in lieu of purchasing new equipment. Maintaining your medical equipment for as long as possible also helps to reduce our global waste – which benefits the environment. Additionally, repairing your equipment makes more medical equipment available to more patients, which overall helps to improve public health.

Most likely, you will need to have a professional service scrap the equipment. Because of the content of certain materials in the electronics that make up most medical equipment, there are special considerations for disposing of the equipment, and it cannot be recycled in a typical recycling facility or sent to a standard waste landfill. If you end up in such a situation with equipment that cannot be repaired, contact us for assistance with the proper disposal.

20+ years of experience in medical equipment servicing and repairs.

Biomedics has been providing medical equipment servicing and repairs to Tasmanian businesses for over twenty years. We work with a wide range of clients including:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctor’s surgeries
  • Dentists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Anyone that uses medical equipment!

Other services we can help your organisation with


As described in the Standards AS/NZ 3003: Electrical Installations, with respect to Body and Cardiac Protection in both new and existing installations.

Medical Equipment Servicing

We service all your Medical Equipment to the Australian Medical Standards AS/NZS 3551 and manufacturers’ specifications.

Preventive Maintenance

We perform preventive maintenance on your medical equipment to ensure better performance and extended life-span – saving you money in the long-run.

Performance Verifications

Servicing and performance verifications of all medical equipment – from hospitals, to doctor’s surgeries, dentists, aged care and physiotherapist clinics.